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Editing like a mofo.
--JHarr 17:24, 30 Mar 2005 (EST)

About Me[edit]

Why don't YOU tell me, eh? Feel free to write what you wish beneath. I'll give you a real one to start with...

  • I like dogs. (Feel free to remove this one if yours it better.)

Some of my favorites[edit]

I didn't write these, but they made me laugh out loud.

Shite I have Foisted upon the UnCyclopedia[edit]

Not unlike a serial rapist.

  • Senate - I hereby declare myself Emperor Lando Lakes IV, Grand Visier of Butter.
  • Toast - i ws drnku
  • Russian - Don't mess with the champ.
  • Cabbage - Don't fucking mess with cabbages, either.
  • Senator - Whaahahahaha. I love the insane tirade at the beginning.
  • Pennsyltucky - Made this one, and the picture to go with it.
  • Corporation - Engrish. I thought this one was clever.
  • Great Purge - Pretty proud of this one, 'ere. Did all the relevant linkage, too.
  • Atmosphere - This one cracks me up too.
  • Dolly Parton - My first big one. Proud as hell. Someone voted for it as one of the best!
  • Oh Noes - A stub, but it needed doing. That pic rawks.
  • Dihydrogen Oxide - Not "Ha ha" funny, but I like it.
  • Vioxx - Play on spam e-mails.
  • Harmonic_exclusion_cycle - It was the drugs, I swear.
  • 1909 - PW0NZED!!1!
  • UCTABTSSG - Stemmed from the Dolly article.

In Progress[edit]

  • 1974 - I'm never going to finish it. Help!


  • I run a weblog, and sorta a webcomic on and off at My favorite post is about the current futility of American college and can be found here.

Contact Moi[edit]

  • AIM: DistanceJunglist
  • E-mail: jeff.harr - AT -