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You have mew meshuges.

“The inward spiritual aspects of the nurd show a lot of identifical relationship with some individualist paranormalities, what in the area of manifested operative opportunism, takes so beneficial effects on the constructive associational skills. That's why the kantian parasolvency of the border category of the nurd lies in that special method of half-realized comprehension, in what the fatal paradoxon of the peculiarly vertiginous repercussive moving, comprehensible in the World-Wholeness of miscellaneous existencelessnesses, differentatedly reveals itself.”

Figyelem! Az internet súlyosan károsítja az Ön és környezete szellemi épségét!

A Magyar Bíróság - egyetértésemmel - a humoromat 2000-ben elítélte többrendbeli emberölés miatt. Gyilkos humorom áldozatai eddig kivétel nélkül halálra röhögték magukat. Ezennel kijelentem, hogy elhatárolom magam a humoromtól. Amit ő csinál, az mind túlzás és sanda gazemberség, amivel soha nem tudtam egyetérteni.

The Hungarian Supreme Court - with my agreement - sentenced my humour of "homicide by several counts" in 2000. My break-neck humour caused its victims to be tickled to death. I must declare that I dissociate myself from it. What it is doing is all exaggerative and cockeyed scoundrelism, what I wasn't ever able to agree with.

Ez egy többértelműsítő lap, ami a szavak jelentésének felismerését nehezíti, és egyben idegölő kakukktojásfeladványul is szolgálni kíván.

Roundhousekick2.jpg This user is either a Chuck Norris fan, or just wouldn't like his head been roundhousekicked off!
Deus.jpg This user thinks using washing powders as nutrition are the best way to solve the global crisis of food price explosion.
Stormtrooper.gif This user sometimes likes erotic dance if performed by Imperial stormtroopers
50px This user does patamathematics as a civil job.
SF This user is a Jedi padavan from the House of Daermon N'a'shezbaernon, and became a binar component of the so-called Autobot "Twinkling", going back to the Third Age of Middle-Earth by Dr. Emett Brown's time-jumping-car to help the X-Men in their war against the invasion of the The Breen Confederacy