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“These babies just don't taste ripe enough.”

~ Oscar Wilde on semen
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(Or at least pretends to.)

This is a box. How boxy it shall be for all of eternity.

Equal Opportunities Available[edit]

I encourage you to formally address your problems towards I can formally address you to shut the fuck up. K, thx.


Everyone can ride the kitty-huffmobile free on Tuesdays.

Current Occupation[edit]

Eh, I'm busy proofing shiz. -Dec. 10, 2010

Good Lord...I tried to save Resident Evil, but I'm definitely not the superhero for that job.-Dec. 16, 2010

Added the bumblebee line for War on Terra. Thinking about a whole new section, but I'm not sure where to place it in the article. Adding on could make it drag, too. Oh, we'll see.

Nominated If All Your Friends Jumped Off A Bridge for highlight. It's pretty.