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28 January 2010

In a hundred years, this is how history will remember me.

CRAWFORD, Texas -- President and kitten eater George Bush Junior has been working on a memoir of his 8 tedious years in office, seemingly to counter his reputation as a vapid, dim-witted oaf with alcohol dependency issues and daddy problems.

Retired Commander-in-chief George W. Bush sat with UnNews correspondent Micheal Phelps this morning to discuss his upcoming book, "I Will Be Fondly Remembered", due out in bookstores January 30, 2010.

Phelps "Mr, President, in light of your colossal failures as president and commander in chief, why do you feel that in 100 years, readers will find you to have been effective, if not, superlative?"
Bush "Heh heh, well... I gotta go make dookie!"
Phelps (left to sit, perplexed, for the next two hours as GW made his escape in the BushCopter)

So much for that.

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