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A censored sandwich is a sandwich made of buns,cheese,blood and semen. It has had a lot of populality other the years.


In aid of the Nazi rize Adon himerler pronounced the sandwich the best in Pornmany.

He declared it the sandwich that would change the world and help him take the world as well.


US forces destory the semen sandwich and ban it from the world due to it being made by germany. They didn't ban it because of it containing semen, they just didn't like it.


During the cold war the soviet union discovered the remains of a semen sandwich. They reported it tasting like vodka and put it on sale as the Vodka sandwich.


The Vodka sandwich was pulled from sake due to complaints from consumers that it tasted nothing like Vodka. The russians threw all of the semen sandwiches ofther the border.


Semen sandwiches are the main food of the middle east and are consumed at a tremendous rate.

They were banned in 5 weeks

Todays culture[edit]

The Semen sandwich is the most banned sandwich in the world and eating, making,discribing or/and marketing these sandwiches will get you a jail sentence.

Also it is banned from being mensioned on all wikis worldwide.

Anyone who mensions the sandwich on Uncyclopedia will be instantly blocked with an expiry time of: infinite (account creation disabled)