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Welcome on my userpage! I'm the bureaucrat of Uncyclomedia's coordination wiki, UnMeta, and I'm also ambassador for the Norwegian Uncyc, Ikkepedia. Want to discuss with the Norwegian community? Click here, create a new forum and we will follow it up. The main ambassador for Oncyclopedia is Roye7777777, so you might want to talk with him about iw matters. Everyone is welcome to come over and discuss freely, also if you just have questions about UnMeta itself. Have questions for me concerning me on Uncyclopedia? Leave me a message on my local talk page. If you have questions concerning other tings, I still invite you to come over to my talk page on UnMeta. Otherwise... let be and just leave a message on my talk page here. But I hope you might want to take a look and stick.


I'm not good at writing humorous articles in no-native languages, but I tried ahead with following articles:

UnMeta's agenda for Uncyclopedia

  • We must give FO a new life. Perhaps it would be a lot more attractive with some international contests or something else which could stimulate the participation itself.
  • ... (you're always welcome to bring up a new matter)

If there are wants and needs from this community towards UnMeta, I think Black flamingo11 will have a listening ear so he will bring it up on UnMeta.

Closed matters:

  • Interwiki table update - per 2013-01-24: Uncyclopedia officially rejoins the Uncyclomedian family by adding all remaining interwikis.

FAQ about me

Q: Why cartoonist?
A: I draw political cartoons or cartoons about social matters. I do it for my own, perhaps I will do something with it professionally (who knows). Some of my cartoons are posted on my blog, but you maybe won't understand them because they are mainly in either Dutch or Norwegian (native languages). For the record: Captain Obvious was not my idea.
Q: Where do you come from?
A: Good question. Sometimes I totally forget I'm living in a country with the name Belgium. The country at war. There's a war ongoing between the Walloons (the bad ones) and the Flemings (the good guys). In 1830, they were put together in one country by mistake. As there is no government, there is no structure, no water no electricity. I have internet connection from a self made antenna which corresponds with a internet company in Holland. So, my ID-card says I'm Belgian. Actually Flemish, but if you say you're one of these good guys, you will be put in prison by the establishment parties. To avoid any confusions about my actual nationality, I also have the Norwegian nationality. Why? I also have my maternal roots. Så jeg elsker mitt land and zo lang de leeuw tanden heeft.
Q: Which languages do you speak?
A: Whoaaah! Too many... let us begin with the languages I do not understand: Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Socialismic, and everything what's east to Germany. I speak two native languages: Dutch (Flemish accent, which is also the normal and only right accent - oops, sorry my dear collegue Roye7777777) and Norwegian (a region dialect + bokmål if I want to, ... */me does not like standardisation*). I also speak English (obviously) and French. German from times to times. If there is no option left I can express myself in Latin or, if there is really no other option left, Ancient-Greek. With this knowlegde I can understand Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Afrikaans, Letzebuergish, Limburgish... also a little Spanish and Portuguese.
Q:Political view please?
A:I'm a European who doesn't like the Union. I'm for democracy, but where I'm living now there is no sign of democracy. The only groups of people that should shut up are Walloons and green activists. They should get a life. They should contribute to Uncyclopedia. You can find my serious political view on my site.

PS: And guys... you made Sophia ugly. So dark and... tasteless :-(