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Capital Country
516 G.sized.jpg
(Flag) Big-butted cheerleader
Motto: "Ilukybygebuteise" ("Ilikebigbuttisum.")
National Anthem: Kad Ajvar Nije Volijo Kajmak
(English) When Ajvar Hated Kajmak
(Real English) When This Silly Red Stuff Hated Something That's Kinda Sour Cream, but not Exactly
Official languages Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Serbian-Croatian, Croatian-Serbian, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Serbian-Bosnian-Croatian, etc.
Capital Big Booty, USA State
Rulers Mujo and Haso
Established Almost
Currency 516 G-sized
National Sports Speed Smoking, Civil War, Hiding in the basement, Basement Football, Basement Basketball, Complaining about everything, Meditation (pictured):
Traditional Indian Meditation Practice
Traditional Bosnian Orthodox Meditation Practice

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Pre-Capital Country[edit]

Grips suck 5000000000000000 times at all. There's nothing att all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF? $50 to a 50000000000000000000 is a fat ass deal. Babes are not in the world!!!!!!! Sorry!

Timeline of Capital Country[edit]

  • 3000 BC: Discovered by a big-butted cheerleader.
  • 2952 BC: State with the most people: Victor State (2,000)
  • 2645 BC: State with the most people: Yi State (1 million)
  • 2111 BC: State with the most people: USA State (1.7 million)
  • 1638 BC: State with the most econemy: Victor State ($35)
  • 954 BC: First movie: Got Big Booty
  • 346-315 BC: Big Booty War I
  • 333 BC: 10 people died.
  • 132-84 BC: Big Booty War II
  • 63 BC-7 AD: Big Booty War III
  • 84 AD: Country renamed from Aztec Capital to Unamerican Country
  • 326 AD: Profanity adopted.
  • 534 AD: Words Stupid and Motherfuck added in Unamerican Country profanity
  • 1000 AD: First hurricane: Fat Ass
  • Early 1254: Country renamed from Unamerican Country to Anti-american Country
  • 1668: States discovered:
    • Crappy State
    • Super State
    • Beady State
    • West Manitobia
    • East Manitobia
  • 1733-2008: Big Booty Revolution
  • 1782: States discovered:
    • Zhang
    • Li
    • California
    • Texas
  • 1800: States joined:
    • Elmo (from Booty Kingdom)
    • Mammamia (from Hyrule)
    • Yuan (from Big Booty China)


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