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The correct name of this user is ike. It appears incorrectly here because of the oppression of you-know-what.

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This user thinks different.
In short, he's crazy.

Hello there!

I'm just a Japanese run-of-the-mill Uncyclopedian.
No one (but me) can tell who I am, because of the lack of my presence.

And I got one thing to say...
You bloody foreigners must pronounce my name [íke], like "Nike" in Greek language, NOT [áik].
I got NOTHING to do with your itty-bitty David (a.k.a. "Ike"). ABSOLUTELY NOT! For pity sake don't...

Every single non-Japanese I've ever met says "Hi, Ike," ([hái àik]) and I'm really sick of it.

Got it? See my Japanese account page for detail.

Actually it is said that I am an Admin of Japanese Uncycl... oh, WHO IS IT?