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Hello and welcome to Vigilance Week (September 25th - October 4th 2007). This week, above all others, is what we like to refer to as "special". That's not to say that it's more special than our other special weeks, but just that it is more special than a normal week. What makes it special? Well, I'm glad you asked, because that's what I'm going to tell you.


What Vigilance Week Is[edit source]

Vigilance Week is a week where you, the Uncyclopedian, stand up and help the admins out. You see, we've discovered a venerable goldmine of terrible pages. Where are they? Well, they are behind the random page button, and you have to click it to find them. You will have to use your own judgement on these pages, and categorize them into one of three categories, determining its fate.

Total And Utterly Unredeemable Shit[edit source]

Pages that you feel should be huffed, or that have a high likelihood for inevitable deletion, should be in QVFD. Basically QVFD still acts like QVFD, but any time limitation is lifted. Admins should be aware that they will need to exercise slightly more discretion regarding QVFD articles during this time.

Terrible Articles That Probably Took The Author 1+ Hours To Write, Sadly[edit source]

You should add Template:Vigilance to pages that:

  • ...you feel are complete shit, but the author doesn't know it, and would probably be glad to fix it once given a seven-day warning


  • ... you think have a good start/concept, but kind of trail off into a lot of unfunny nonsense.

All pages tagged with {{Vigilance}} will be deleted after one week, but wait! There's hope.

Any user can adopt a tagged page, and will have one month to help it find salvation starting at the end of the week.

  • Users are capped at 5 articles each, as not to abuse UnFare.
  • Any pages not adopted by the end of the week will be huffed and fed to our T-shirt machine, which will produce clothing to burn in the Uncyclopedia slave furnaces.
  • Adopted pages are to be tagged with {{VA}}. More than one user can adopt an article, and we encourage collaborative efforts on pages. In instances of conflict, preference goes to the first adopter (unless the material is huffworthy).
  • Adopters that are having trouble with their pages should post in the Vigilance classifieds below.

Might Need To Be Deleted, But You Feel A Vote Is Required[edit source]

For this week, the maximum page count on VFD has been increased to 30 pages. That is where pages in this category should go.

Vigilance Orphans[edit source]

For a complete list of unclaimed vigilance orphans, look at The Orphanage

Vigilance adoptees[edit source]

For a complete list of adopted vigilance orphans, look at Orphanage Records

Classifieds[edit source]

These articles are all in need of even more love. More than only one user can provide on his or her own. Only you can prevent such pointless tragedy. CO-ADOPT NOW!

You may also look for articles by name in the Printed Classifieds