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Laziness FTW (laziness for the win) is a fundamental principle on any wiki, including Uncyclopedia. As we allow anyone to edit, it follows that we assume that most people who work on the project are people, and thus really lazy. If this weren't true, we'd be overrun by robots.

So, when you can reasonably assume that someone was just being lazy, correct it without raising a fuss. When you disagree with someone, remember that they will probably do what's easiest. Consider using talk pages to explain yourself, and give others a bit of slack when they're too lazy to do the same. This can avoid misunderstandings and prevent problems from escalating. Especially, remember to be patient with admins, who will be expected to do a lot, yet too lazy to actually do any of it.

A newcomer's behaviour probably seems appropriate to him or her and a problem usually indicates unawareness or misunderstanding of Uncyclopedian culture. It is not uncommon for a newcomer to believe that admins should actually do things. Similarly, many newcomers bring with them experience or expertise which they intend to use. Behaviours arising from these perspectives are not necessarily malicious, but they are kinda annoying.

Laziness FTW is about actions, not intentions. Well-meaning people are lazy, and you should fix things when they don't do them completely. You should not act like their mistake was a mistake. Most likely they knew what to do, but were too lazy to do it. There will be people on Uncyclopedia who you wish would do more. Even if they're lazy, that doesn't mean they aren't doing good work. There will be some people with whom you find hard to work. That doesn't mean they aren't doing good work either; it means they annoy you. It is never necessary that we attribute an editor's actions to bad faith because most of the time they're just being lazy.

When edit wars get hot, it's easy to forget that people were just being lazy to begin with.

If you take offense to something, remember that it probably isn't finished because people are lazy. If you wonder why things persist when they shouldn't, or why things are the way they are, remember that people will do what's easiest.