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Interface administrators (or interface ops) are a very small group of highly trusted non-administrators[note 1] who are granted the ability to edit everything with no restrictions, including sitewide JavaScript, CSS, and JSON, as well as the ability to edit interface messages, and therefore break the entire website in under ten minutes. There are currently 4 interface administrators on Uncyclopedia. Interface admins have the following rights:

editinterface: Edit sitewide interface messages, such as MediaWiki:Sitenotice

editsitejs: Edit sitewide JavaScript code, such as MediaWiki:Common.js

editsitecss: Edit sitewide CSS code, such as MediaWiki:Common.css

editsitejson: Edit sitewide JSON code, even though nobody cares about JSON

edituserjs: Edit JavaScript code in other people's user spaces

editusercss: Edit CSS code in other people's user spaces

edituserjson: Edit JSON code in other people's user spaces

editprotected: Edit pages that are fully protected

protect: Protect pages and edit cascade-protected pages (used to allow editing of MediaWiki:Common.js by non-admins because that page is both cascade-protected and interface-protected)

tboverride: Bypass the title blacklist (used to allow creation of editnotices)

Criteria for becoming interface administrator[edit source]

The criteria is very simple; the user in question must have demonstrated that they can be trusted by the Uncyclopedia community. High skill level at interface-specific stuff (e.g. complex templates, modules, JS and CSS) is a significant asset. Additionally, the user in question must be victorious at UN:VFS. It's that simple!

Notes[edit source]

  1. This right is specifically not granted to administrators, because they already have the rights that intadmins have