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Nutshell.svg This page in a nutshell: We don't wanna hear you whine one last time before you go.
Also, die.

As you are probably aware, Uncyclopedia is a wiki, but it is also a community and thus there are times when dramatic events occur, and there are times when, in response to these dramatic events, a user decides that they need to play their "I'm Leaving Uncyclopedia" card.

Sometimes this is the result of needing validation, other times it is belligerence, however, rest assured, if you are contemplating this particular course of action, you are not the first and will not be the last. However, what you should also bear in mind is that this is also considered incredibly cliché and we would thus greatly prefer if you could simply FOAD instead of needlessly attempting to shake your ePeen around.

Unless for some reason you are going to cease all usage of The Internet in its entirety, there is always that possibility of spending a few <insert unit of time here> on this website, which may be more or less time than you typically were spending. In any case, if you are 100% committed to never ever making another edit to the website, please fulfil that commitment by *NOT* telling everyone about it and simply FO (the AD part is entirely optional).