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  • We have new admins among us. Turns out everyone likes them.
  • The results of the latest popularity contest are in. Turns out no one likes you.
  • We upgraded to MediaWiki 1.23! Let the blood sacrifices begin!
  • Report a Problem - Report problems with the site. Marital and mental problems can be reported in the chatroom.
  • Our Skype community is growing and active like a young boy.
  • Foreign Office - Multilingual coordination between the Uncyclopedias, keeping the Polish in Czech.
  • Protection Request - If you need a page protected or unprotected you can post your request on this page.
  • What You Can Do - Like editing and getting a job.
  • Folding@home - A protein folding simulator which researchers at Stanford University use to understand how diseases such as Parkinson's and cancer form. Uncyclopedia has a high-ranking team that you could join!
  • Uncyclopedia URL shortener - Uncyclopedia has its own URL shortener. (Note: it's not the size of the URL, it's the quality of the content.)
  • Donate to Uncyclopedia - This wiki is made possible thanks to contributions from readers like you.