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The UnCommons (informally known as Uncyclomedia Commons) is Uncyclomedia's source for free images. However, copywronged images used with unfair use are not allowed. This project is a hub for Uncyclomedia's UnProjects. It is used for UnNews, Undictionary, Uncyclopedia, UnBooks, Uncycloversity, Unsource, Unquotable and other UnProjects. This Un project was started by Jimbo Wales Jr. in 2003.

Many images in this compendium are very uncommon throughout the Internet hence the name. Many of these uncommon images have tongue-in-cheek pee-pants humour, thereby they were banned from the Internet for several decades until fans wanted to revive them. Wikipedians reserved images for encyclopedic uses only, however, oddball images from the UnCommons were allowed for Uncyclopedic websites.

A strict policy involves uploading the appropriate images. The image has to be good enough for viewers to accept. Generic images that humor an audience can be added to the compendium to accomodate Uncyclomediacs.

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