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An Uncyclo-Bomb. Unfortunately, the maker forgot to cap the potato, so this will go to waste.[1]

An Uncyclo-Bomb is a weapon of mass destruction used in rare occasions to defeat something with lies or injustice, because it is full of unhealthy coal and healthy cabbages. Every now and then, it is said that the Uncyclo-Bomb is actually capable of destroying something with lies and injustice, but no one has actually seen this happen. There is but a group of fanatics who claim to have seen it, but unfortunately they are mostly shrugged off as smelly old fools.

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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Uncyclo-Bomb.

In History[edit]

The Uncyclo-Bomb was once used by Sir Uncyclopedia to defeat the Evil that is known as The Unspeakable (atleast, that's what the locals were calling it at the time). This occurred during the First Trial, which was documented in The Four Trials of Sir Uncyclopedia. Sir Uncyclopedia valiantly tossed the Uncylo-Bomb into the mouth of The Unspeakable and having swallowed it, The Unspeakable was destroyed by the power of truth and justice (that time was "truth"). Many rejoiced the victory of Sir Uncyclopedia, and that night he had many drinks and many women, though both not at the same time (he just wasn't much of a multi-tasker; otherwise there'd be only one trial). The next morning he awoke, and was on to the second trial, bearing in mind he needed to return to his many unborn children.

Modern Usage[edit]

1.Jib shoots it into the eye of a gigantic spider-like doppelganger. The robo-doppelganger's head Asplode so hard, that the abandoned factory asplode along with the robo-doppelganger.(btw, the robo-doppelganger was a grand robloxian.) jib has also used it to slaughter dozens of enemies. 2.Breaking news: The Uncyclo-Bomb is in use by Uncyclopedians still! We have new info below:

How to make one[edit]

You make an Uncyclo-Bomb by following these steps:

  1. Remove the insides of a potato.
  2. Fill potato with cabbages and coal.
  3. Cap potato.[2]
  4. Insert fuse into potato.
  5. Put in a safe place for future use.

While Uncyclo-Bombs are now mass-produced by machines, making one yourself will ensure the bomb has a soul, which Robloxians particularly dread.

  1. As a matter of fact, all the explosive went away already. Too bad that this is the only one that may destroy Wikipedia.
  2. Must be capped. Without, it won't work.


  1. Lay down near anybody.
  2. Light the fuse.
  3. Wait for bomb to make a splode
  4. Watch him/her dissolve, and listen to him/her scream in pain.
  5. After seeing him/her in pain, laugh happily or smile.
  6. Warning: May attract animals.
  7. Warning: Blowing yourself up with one is not good. at all.