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Welcome to another one of Mr-ex777's movie reviews. This time, we are going to review what was known as the greatest shill conspiracy movie of the year, written by people supported by the elite order (Don't call them the "New World Order" Please.) Will it be the so called conspiracy shill that it is known for? or the smart are actually fooled? let's find out. Allahu Ackbar

So...What is it about?[edit]

Using something that will happen to fool conspiracy theorists into violence against Muslims, stupid. (Or possibly to encourage jihad. It can go both ways.) not that i support them, but there's a clear difference between regular Islam (Before the elite sabotaged them) and neo-islam (after the elite sabotaged them). Theories aside, here it goes.Allahu Ackbar

The story starts with a man with the youtube account "EXPOSING RELIGION" uploading a video about how islam is satanism. as soon as he uploaded that video, the next day police knocked his door and caught him using the title "Racism". Weeks later he was released, but when he went to work on the next day, he was fired due to "intolerance". Then the scene goes to 3 years later and there were some imams who were being filmed training muslims how to start a "Revolution", As well as using daily speeches to boost their morale and prepare for the "Revolution". After that, the scene suddenly turns to a Muslim in France reading a Facebook page, which has the title "Lunar Revolution 2020". Then at the same time the news is creating inflammatory propaganda that says stuff that would rally Muslims to war, like "Muslims marching for democracy and minority rights" (The muslims are actually holding ISIS flags and signs saying that they will dominate the world, and to behead non-believers), as well as "Reports say that 80% of muslims in France wish for a new government". (They only asked Muslims who were known for worshiping in radical mosques promoting jihad.) Soon during the last day of Ramadan, millions of Muslims start to take on the streets of the nations of Europe and demand for "Democracy". (They actually want Sharia Law.) They just stood there and prostrated before Allah at first and fasted as well, but some "Agent provocateurs" commanded the Muslims to crash the police defense line then all hell breaks loose. The police started to use tear gas and water cannons to suppress the Muslims and the Muslims responded by throwing Molotov Cocktails and stones on the police. Soon, one by one the European governments had declared martial law. Then there was a nationalist organization in France who told an alternative media source that "We warned you years ago where the invaders started coming to destroy Europe, now you got what you deserved." The mainstream media instantly denied it as propaganda and the police caught the interviewed person due to "Racism". Then the streets of Europe started to be occupied by Muslims, and they started their demands on "Democracy". Allahu Ackbar
Obama Bin Laden started to call the European countries to "Deal with the protesters peacefully" and "If they don't he will sanction him." At the third day another great clash appeared in Spain where it was claimed that Spanish policemen forced a muslim to eat Pork. The spanish Muslims then reached the Spanish executive offices and asked for the president of Spain to resign and the end of monarchy (They want to replace it with an islamic government.) They barricaded the office and crashed it to attempt to enter it. Eventually the executives and the king ran away after 5 days and Spain had a new government who promotes sharia law.

The next to fall was France who decided to establish a series of laws known as the "Dictatorship laws" in order to stun the protesters. This has created worse riots and the center of France was in flames. The france government attempted to negotiate with the protesters, but the protester head said that "We have no tolerance for infidels" and "We have no choice other than to conquer the government and make a new one for the people". 4 days later, The muslims ran to the government office of france and killed all the people there with only little resistance. Then, France became an islamic country running sharia law. Allahu Ackbar
Germany had clashes for nationalists and islamists which burned the city in flames, as well as killing more than 400 Muslims and 100 germans. The 400 Muslims were known as "Lunar Matyrs" and were worshipped by the protesters. Then the German president and the executives left Germany and germany is now an islamic country running sharia law.

Then after sharia law ran over Europe, The new muslim countries called for the cleansing of non-believers and started to find and kill them under the name of Allah. Then a call from two american officials were heard and they were talking about the placement of the new president of France. (The "New president of France" is a muslim promoting sharia law, but is actually toyed under foreign interests)

Finally, the scene reaches back to a video of Mass immigration and says "DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN?" "IF YOU DON'T STOP THE DESTRUCTION BY THIS DEATH CULT, IT WILL." and the credits roll. Allahu Ackbar

...So, this sounds interesting. What is wrong?[edit]

Well, to put it straight this is PROPAGANDA. I'm not sure it's intended to tell people to kill Muslims or encourage jihad, It's up to no good.

When you watch the whole thing, the shills who made this were like this.
Or this.

The first aspect[edit]

It seems like a documentary of why this happened, what will happen and who was involved, but all it does is to promote mindless violence against Muslims. Again, There's a fine line between normal muslims and "Fundamentalist Shills". All the movie does is to show muslims killing people and sometimes killed or forced to eat pork (Which is like being killed to them) and muslims killing more people, which is literally vacuous violence. After i watch this whole thing, i felt like killing every muslim i see, but i saw that it was propaganda and calmed down in my fury. Sometimes the smart can get brainwashed and they don't know it. Anyone who believe this shit is missing the point. Allahu Ackbar

The Second aspect[edit]

Also, this movie seems to glorify the islamists by depicting them as romantic, freedom loving heroes. For example, there was an islamist who was protecting his kid from police attack, and another one who was shielding an attack by a nationalist. If this shit is not propaganda i don't know what is. Also, if you hear closely, you can hear a woman whispering "Allahu Ackbar" THROUGHOUT THE MOVIE. And regularly there's a commercial banner that is a government commercial saying "Racism; The more you apply, the uglier you become" in the french parts. If a Radical Muslim sees this, he's obviously desiring more jihad.

Also for posting this shit the producer isn't dragged out and shot, so you can clearly see the shill inside this movie. Maybe it was even an Jew ploy to fool people into being brainwashed to Kill Muslims or Jihad depending what side you are into. They didn't even mention George Soros, CIA or any of the organizations they make! If this does not smell bad to you, you have something really wrong. Allahu Ackbar


"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad". This is especially true for this propaganda blabber, as they try to deceive you, make you mad then destroy you once you found yourself fallen prey to them. The same goes for vice versa. This shit sounds promising at first glance, but when combined with all sorts of subliminal messages and glorifying, you get a blabber piece made by demons. The vice versa goes for the guys who were involved in this who are literally madmen on wheels. Don't be fooled to waste 1 and a half hours only to be brainwashed.

Allahu Ackbar

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Allahu Ackbar

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