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9 May 2006

“You keep pissing in my stream of conciousness!”

~ Che Guevara on VFH and your mother
Mystery Individual or Fuhrer King

The world of Uncyclopedia has been rocked today with the announcement of a series of unsolicitated NO Votes from an undisclosed Administrator (given the nickname "The Bard" by the popular press) against quality and feature-worthy articles on VFH.

Mild mannered Uncyclopedia contributor "Molly" (name changed to protect the innocent) made the following statement earlier today: "I was so pleased to see one of my articles appear on VFH, it was like a dream come true, considering where my previous articles had ended up. Within thirty minutes **** had voted against it. Thats when I noticed he'd voted against all my other work."

Authorities within the US and the UK are currently investigating, a statement should be released later today.

No official statement has come out from Uncyclopedia at this time. Wikipedia told us to shut up, though.


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