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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Did you know Coronavirus, well no, you stupid little rascals, You need to quarantined yourself because the streets is covered with fog of the coronavirus, the world's future will be bad, once the world is recovering from coronavirus, we can be back to school, in 2020, online classes are starting because of COVID-19, that virus has ruined the world as we know it, The virus is killing people, if you made the government response slow and the population is angry, the people will be dying from coronavirus for the future, to prevent it, here's your guide you rascals.

Step 1: Stay home

Staying home can save your lives, if you go outside, you will be killed by the coronavirus, and only corona, this is corona, he comes to your house to reinfect you next week, you don't want this to happen into you, You need to STAY HOME, i repeat, STAY HOME RIGHT NOW, GOING OUTSIDE AND PROTEST will make the corona worse.

Step 2: Do some exercises

Playing games can make your immune system worse, You need to do some exercises, You gonna exercises if you like it or not, Exercises are good for your body while in lockdown, The lockdown can be extended due to more cases or weakened healthcare.

Step 3: Stay connected

Just don't go outside, you need to join the chat to discuss your friends and families, if you need to discover the world inside, you need to go to google maps for traveling it online, Tourism will make it worse, so please don't do it and stay home.

Step 4: Go to uncyclopedia.com

While you're at it, Uncyclopedia is the best website since Wikipedia is kinda serious business, the Picture of the day is rather humorous to my opinion, The articles will be published in UnNews so, UnNews wishes you to stay home, relax, do some exercises, and just please, don't go outside, the playgrounds is cancelled due to Corona.