UnNews:Season 8 has put me off the books, says George R.R. Martin

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

George R.R. Martin in his Village People days.

George R.R. Martin has admitted that the latest season of Game of Thrones has "put him off" writing any more of his A Song of Fire and Ice books.

The seventy-year-old author, who published the last instalment of the saga in 2011, was speaking to a bunch of girlfriend-free superfans at a convention in San Diego.

"I am just kinda, pfff, kind of done with the whole thing," Martin admitted. "I mean watching those first two episodes, all I could think about was all the loose ends, all of the reunions I would feel forced to write, with all that kind of 'necessary but predictable' conversations, and it just killed a little bit of my interest.

"Then when the Battle of Winterfell episode aired, I was watching it with this pit of dread in my stomach. I was like, 'Man, seven fucking seasons, or like 30 years of writing these books, and if the Army of the Dead all just get taken out like that, it's gonna suck.'

"At least I never created a character like the Night King, so I don't have to have an evil super-demon getting taken out by a 16 year old doing a Jackie Chan impression."

However, this note of consolation proved to be the exception, as Martin revealed his major concerns were with the season's two protagonists Daenerys and Jon Snow, and the lightning-fast breakdown of their relationship and Daenerys' mental stability. "When I see those two actors, who are about as wooden as a couple of Weirwood trees, Hugh Grant-ing their way through some stodgy dialogue, it just makes me wonder about the point of even doing this stuff. Do I really have to make Daenerys go crazy? Do I really have to make her burn a bunch of innocent people in Kings Landing for no reason, just to facilitate her later execution?

"Fuck it, I think I'm gonna get into straight-up erotic novels."

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