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16 November 2008

The reason why you could have gotten a day off work, were it not for Obama.

WASHINGTON, D.C.- :Today, on Capitol Hill, President-Elect Obama vetoed a law to make October 16th a national holiday called Oscar Wilde Day in honor of the gay Irish poet and supreme ruler of Uncyclopedia and its subsidiaries, Oscar Wilde, even though he does not have the power to do so yet. "I don't want this holiday because America hates poetry and gays.", said the President-Elect at a press conference today. Oscar Wilde Day will be celebrated with lots of quotes, poetry writing, gay pride parades, and, of course, giving everyone a blow-job.

"This holiday is important to all poets who ' belong to the culture of male love inspired by the Greek paederastic tradition, as said by Wilde himself. ' Obama is just an evil black man",said Suzy Q., a spokesperson for the Wildephile Club of Homo Poets.
Congress will try to get President-Elect Obama to pass it again on November 19th. The House unanimously passed the act yesterday, with the Senate passing it with only one ' no ' vote, cast by John McCain.
"It's a shame that Oscar Wilde Day didn't get passed.", said Mr. Mann of Virginia "I hate Obama. Him and his hatred of poetry.

Quotes on Oscar Wilde Day[edit]

What would an article on Oscar Wilde be without quotes?

“I thought you had to be dead to have a holiday after you.”

~ Confused person on Oscar Wilde Day

“Oscar Wilde is dead.”

~ Super smart-ass on confused person

“Who the hell is Oscar Wilde?”

~ Most people on Oscar Wilde

“Ever read Dorian Gay, er gray.”

~ Geek on Oscar Wilde

“I have a holiday?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Oscar Wilde Day

“I had a holiday?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Himself on Oscar Wilde Day

“They took away my holiday?”

~ Oscar Wilde on the loss of Oscar Wilde Day

“Are you kidding? The ruler of a freakin' stupid website o' shit that 95% of people that never heard of? The Messiah President President-Elect Obama is crazy!”

~ Non-believer on Oscar Wilde Day

“Another day off of work! I'm in!”

~ Enthusiastic person on Oscar Wilde Day


~ AAAAAAAA! on Oscar Wilde Day

“Wait, if the entire House and Senate voted for Oscar Wilde Day, isn't that a veto-proof majority? What... wait... don't kill me! I have a fam-AAAAAAAH!”

~ Pedant, now deceased

“7h15 5uck5 r34l 84d!”

~ A random Noob found on the internet