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25 January 2007

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The fruit, smuggled into Wikipedia.

WIKIPEDIA, Internet -- Today it was proved that anyone can get an article past the Wikipedia Thought Police. It is believed that he managed to smuggle 28lbs of Valencia Grapes hidden within various orifices about his person.

Anyone can have a dream, a dream that a certain fruit exists. Anyone can do something about it, if he tries. He did, and he succeeded. On January 25th in a desolate IRC chatroom, a question was postulated: Valencia Oranges...or Grapes? The user's cunning instinct led him to Wikipedia where he in fact found a short, yet existing, article about Valencia Oranges. The Valencia Grape article was conspicuously missing however. Naturally, the Wikipedia user assumed a massive grape conspiracy aimed at covering up the Grape Depression of the early 1930s. Fortunately for all parties, this brave, anonymous Wikipedian fought against the powers-that-be and overthrew the tyrants from their thrones of tyranny.

On that same fateful day, the anonymous user set in motion a devious plan that would change the tide of power once and for all. Working with only his/her closest and most trustworthy cohorts, this One of Any constructed an article so well thought out and convincing that even the most cunning of Wiki-Gestapo wouldn't dare delete it. Alongside partners in crime "I am Hell", "Shandon", and "Keitei" (all of which are obviously clever aliases to hide their true identities) they built a truly believable "trojan horse" and sent it charging through the gates of Wiki-troy.

Today it still stands as a testament to Uncyc's complete and total pwnage over anything that is Wikipedia. Most speculate that Wikipedia is too high on crack cocaine to even notice it, much less delete it. Others gesticulate that it is clearly the superior craftsmanship and factual information that went into it that gives it its stand-up-ability. Regardless, Valencia Grapes still stands today, and may even remain forever.

Update: Because of this boastful (and also spot-on) article, the not-so-clever Wiki-Gestapo were able to realize their stupidity and delete the Great Valencia Grape article. [here's the proof.] Anyway, this is still a point for uncyc because it was us who gave the secret away. For those of you keeping score, it's Wikipedia = 0, Uncyc = AAAAAAAAAA.

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