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25 January 2012

Mr. Nyan Cat as of today

The Internet, The World -- Since April of 2011, Nyan cat has tried to accomplish the goal of finding the end of the universe. This ecofriendly cat runs on rainbow power and has tried to make the journey less boring by playing Nyan music. YouTube has documented the first 4 minutes of Nyan Cat's journey. After almost 8 months of departure, UnNews asked Nyan Cat if this expedition is yielding any results. Nyan Cat says that the expedition is mainly for him to get money and media coverage.

"At this point," he says, "I have got enough money from my Nyan soundtrack, YouTube views, advertising, t-shirts, tattoos, video games, apps, movies, sports teams, prostitutes...well you get the point. But, I would really like to know where the end of the universe is." We also asked him if traveling through vast and boring space bored him. He says that he is bored to fucking tears and that, after 8 months of smiling, his mouth is now stuck in a smile. He concludes that the Nyan soundtrack is stuck in his head and is driving him insane. Despite his lack of comfort, Mr. Nyan Cat is moving toward his goal of finding the edge of the universe with an unshakable determination.

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