UnNews:Nickelback releases first computer-generated album in history

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Monica Bellucci on the back of Roger Waters... wait, I think that's the FRONT cover.

Nickelback releases first computer-generated album in history

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ALBERTA, CANADA -- Canadian rock band Nickelback has released the first computer-generated musical album in history, entitled Roger Waters. The album was released just yesterday, June 2, 2017 to highly positive reviews, with some critics already describing it as "The Canadian answer to OK Computer", "Kid C", and "The Bends on steroids".

The album, according to Nickelback frontman Freddy Krueger, was created as a response to the group of musicians who try to convince other musicians to not perform in the supposed-Apartheid State of Israel. Nickelback has created Roger Waters as a collective response of the music world to this attempt of boycott. The album was created on Freddy's personal laptop, and is basically a recording of the notorious gangbang performed on Freddy's mother, which resulted in Freddy's birth. Nickelback wanted the boycotting artists to hear exactly how their appeal sounds to other artists, and to the rest of the world.

The source for the title Roger Waters is Freddy's computer, which is actually the only computer in the world being able to pee, shit and ejaculate on its user. According to Freddy, the way to make his computer ejaculate is using it to listen to Radiohead's OK Computer in its entirety.

Nickelback's Feed the Machine tour is due in 2017.