UnNews:Isle of Demons discovered near Canada; Scientific community shocked

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10 June 2006

Margarethe von Scheiße provides beer to members of the academic community after announcing her discovery.

Acclaimed Bavarian geologist Margarethe von Scheiße has discovered a previously undiscovered island in the North Atlantic. "Ja, it vas very good to discover ze anzient island zat vas lost to man for zo long. Geben Sie mir ein weiteres Bier!"

The Isle of Demons is a hitherto-deemed mythological land once which is now known to exist near Newfoundland. Despite its name, The Isle of Demons actually consists of islands, one of which was known to contain a sizeable population of Bavarians. First discovered by Irishman and Guinness CEO St. Brendan in the 500s, the island began appearing on maps in the beginning of the 1500s, and disappeared in the mid-1600s due to nefarious deeds done in the name of Oprah by the KKK, Illuminati, and Freemasons which hid the beautiful isle from Western man, although Asians could still easily see it.

St. Brendan, with help from a sea serpent, was able to cross the Atlantic, becoming the first man to set foot on the Isle of Demons.

Von Scheiße's brilliant scientific analyses have proved once and for all that the islands are populated by demons and wild beasts. Despite the initial curiosity one has when learning of the islands' inhabitants, they are known to have a dark side: the demons and wild beasts torment and attack any ships that pass or anyone who foolish enough to wander on to the islands.