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I'll be surprised if this gal becomes president

Friday, September 11, 2026

RUCKERSVILLE, VIRGINA - In a YouTube live stream that many consider shocking, confusing and downright hilarious, Christina Chandler has officially announced her presidential campaign. It all started when Christina left a tweet yesterday asking her loyal legion of followers to watch her on YouTube tomorrow where she stated there will be a special surprise in store. After a intro that was poorly drawn and animated, she then went into a speech where she stated that...

The announcement did not get the expected applause or praise that she expected. Instead fans expressed confusion and doubt with some expressing anger and some calling him variations of the R-word. She then fielded a Q&A session which mostly consisted of his loyal fanbase asking him "why she was doing this in the first place" and expressing doubt that "she would become president", some even posted laughing emojis and said that they would "bet their life savings and win it all back cause it was never going to happen."

She answered all the questions with half-explanations and poorly thought up sentences. One response that stood out in particular was...

The fans then proceeded to throw laughing emojis at his face which made him very mad to the point where he flipped over his computer and proceeded to make several holes in the wall. She then picked up his computer, looked at it menacingly and said...

Her mom then asked him what she was doing and in a rush, ended the live stream presumably so his fans couldn't see something embarrassing happening, probably getting her diaper changed or something.

When we asked him for comment on how his presidential campaign would be run, she said "Shut up you troll!".[2]


  1. Yes, that is how she said it.
  2. And we asked for a comment nicely might we add.