12 year olds invading the Internet/Typical 12 Year Old Gathering

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I'm pretty sure "penis + ass = baby" is not true, "penis + vagina = baby".

I'm 13 and what is this? To the Lord, I respect you. Please do continue burning these 12fags. I enjoy reading this. All of you 12 year old fags are annoying, especially you 12 year old lesbos with your crappy style wannabe scene shits. Haha, you make me laugh. Y'all suckas ain't know shit. And to the fag who stated "hay guise im 12 i tink i 4chan olfag zu my dad us to fap 2 b lol im anony i hate scientogy" gtf outta hee'. Whatever the fuck you meant, you need to know what 4chan is before you say anything about it. Sincerely, Nigger. im 12 my i listen to classic rock and think justin bieber should burn in hell but im a boy its mainly 12 year old girls that do it acting gangsta and taking a million pictures of there ugly asses i dont care what you look like in poker shades



You gents do realize that at a invidious point at your life you too were 12

We said nothing, video'd nothing, and wrote nothing upon 12 in the internet, wiser and smarter than current and future 12's.

^^ Probably written by a twelve year old. Notice the bad grammar and the uber crying over the younger kiddy nerf ball age.

^^66 stfu u n00b

^^Okay,I'm twelve and I can't even read that.

^^ Kriditz? Kriditz Kriditz Kriditz.. Oh, I get it.. It's Charades! .. A DEMENTED FROG!! Was I right?.. Lol yah!

"I'm 12 and I type like a normal person and don't find this offensive so get it up you" 69 year old paedo who hangs around dating sites

I am a 12-year-old genius. This article is incorrect. I am very annoyed at the moment, and generally when I'm annoyed, I concoct(real 12 year old lol concock lol) master revenge plans. Be warned.

Doesnt affect the smart ones either. I meant THE CYBER PLAGUE

I am a 12 year old genius. The only reason you state this is because you fear hour amazingly superior technology, and you try to understate it to make it sound primitive. Well, be warned - we are back, and we will obliterate the 1337 h4xx4rz and the Intellects. The h4xx4rz and the Intellects will work for us, they stole our advance technology; and we will get it back.

That would make sense, if they weren't the same people who invented your superior technology.

- 11 year old rationale

12 year old genius spelled "our" wrong. PWNED.

I am the annoyed genius and I am back. I have superior technology. There will be a major revolution tomorrow.

I am a 12-year old genius and I LOVE UNCYCLOPEDIA AND ED! Wubs and aids for everybody! Oh, and DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID.

I, however, am not 12, and totally agree that there are too many 12-year-olds on "the internets". This is not a problem with 11 or 13 year olds, no wait it is. Anyone under 13 is too much of a "n00b" to use the internets, so go somewhere elses. Obviously the only solution is to address them as midgets (sorry, people who are really midgets) and laugh at them because you strongly believe they are n00bs. Signed, The Lord.

this is stupid im 10

No love for 13 year olds? =[

hay guise im 12 i tink i 4chan olfag zu my dad us to fap 2 b lol im anony i hate scientogy

'because you fear HOUR amazingly superior technology' we do not however fear your spelling.

y the fuck did u make this group? u need to stop bitchn becuz sumbody says there a few years older, nobody gives a shit, itz not like we do shit to u, just dont bother us and we wont bother u

^^Written by an actual 12 year old pretending to be older on facebook. Nope.

I am 13. I am a fag. I wish I was still 12 so I would have an excuse.

I am 15. i fucked an 12 year old.

Im 12, And i dont talk like a retard.. I occasionaly(occasionally lol) misspell things but i usually correct myself And i dont go around youtube posting stupid random videos (Like most of us do) im into learing soldering and welding. thanks bye HOW CAN YOU TELL THAT I'M 13 BY LOOKING AT WHAT I'M WRITEING?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

^^ If you are indeed different from most 12 year olds and are actually intelligent (impossible) and still feel the need to defend yourself against this article, you have not compensated for being 12.

... I love YOUR technology that YOUR money bought us and while your at work I can Phone Phreak, Steal IPs, Destroy domain servers, hack various accounts on games I played when I was 9 and sell for $50 each, create backup domain servers for the ones I destroyed and sell it to them, create basic laws of physics on ---Physics Illistrator--- (such as a cable stayed bridge, cuz i want to be an architectual engineer when I'm older), practice my website hacking skills on ---hackthissite.org--- AND MOST OF ALL... watch tons and tons of PORN. because I mean come on thats what most 12 year olds do (watch porn) on the internet. but while were waiting to get horny again we do all of that other stuff... and im horny... peacie ♥♥♥

All you 12 Year olds are still porn virgins. THATS RIGHT I WENT THERE. :DDDDDDDDDDDD

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhGtImoxnsQ - ill just leave this here

Wow, this is rich. I'm a twelve year old, and I do do some of these things. Like misspelling words (because I'm too lazy to type the full word). There are a lot of annoying 12 year olds on the internet, and I won't pretend to not be one. So, keep up the good work and keep making great articles like this one!

No clue if I'm an annoying twelve year old or not (because I just said that I probably am, I guess), but I do know how to use proper spelling and grammar and I try not to say stupid things too often (see: almost everyone who wrote something up there). This article was hilarious! I am not offended in any way.

Twelve year olds on the internet: The Kids' Revolution. Yes? So, you just see. They'll take advantage of their parents' stupidity and revolt. Somehow someday.

I'm 12 and I've got sex worked out penis + ass = baby

Um. All right. So, about me. I'm also a 12-year-old genius (To be frank, smarter than most of you), and perfectly straight. I worship Jebus and am VERY STRONG. So, sorry if I offended you. Signing out.


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