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~ M. Night Shamylan on Every movie he's ever made


~ Robot Chicken on how quotes from his show aren't as funny as Oscar Wilde quotes


For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Twist Endings.

A twist ending, unlike the name refers to, can be confusing for most people. It's where something happens completely mostly unexpected.


The Sixth Sense

  • Synopsis: Little Hayley Joel Osment thinks he see's dead people. Psychologist Bruce Willis tries to help him come to terms with this apparent mental disorder, but soon begins to realise that he really is seeing dead people.
  • Twist: Bruce Willis is actually a ghost.

The Usual Suspects

  • Synopsis: Kevin Spacey tells a police man about an armed robbery involving the mysterious Keyer Soze.
  • Twist: Keyser Soze is a non-alcoholic Chinese beer.

Fight Club

  • Synopsis: Brad Pitt and Edward Norton start up a new club (guess what it involves?), but then Brad Pitt goes a bit rogue and starts blowing stuff up.
  • Twist: The whole film came from the imagination of the person who wrote it.


  • Synopsis: Strange goings on at the Bates Motel, with Norman Bates' mother attacking young girls in the shower.
  • Twist: Norman Bates never even had a mother.

The Passion of the Christ

  • Synopsis: Brutal depiction of J.C.s last 24 hours.
  • Twist: The bit where Christ jumps off the cross, grabs all the Jews and says "Don't accept me as your lord, motherfuckers? Well take this!" and then makes all their heads explode. That wasn't in the book.

The Wizard of Oz Movie (remake due out 2010)

  • Synopsis: 12-year-old takes LSD and imagines her and her dog go to Oz, a mystical land!
  • Twist: Unlike the original, the remake will involve the dog (Toto) biting the girl's face off, and the Wicked Witch of the West committing suicide by bathtub.


The famous final scene from Invasion of the Doggy Snatchers: the hero succumbs to the aliens and points out the last puppy in Bark Francisco
  • In the end of Paradise Lost, some guy finds a rock. On some beach. In sand.
  • In the end of The Uncyclopedia Movie, Sophia is killed by Oscar Wilde.
  • In the end of Uncyclopedia on DVD, a hypercube begins multiplying in the viewer's TV and the viewer's television explodes. Yeah, hypercube.
  • In the end of "Iron Man 2", Tony Starks was just a figment of Stan Lee's imagination.
  • In the end of Cube, everyone kills the cube, after finding that it's nearly possible
  • In the end of WtWb-up: The Movie, Osama bin Laden causes the earth to stop blowing up somehow.
  • In the end of Mieka 2, Mieka is reanimated with a pair of boxing gloves by his arch enemy, the Dumb Towerkeeper of Man's Chest? Er...

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