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This page was originally written by Mr. I.P.Anon in 2006, a year that was not good either for Uncyclopedia or being funny. Anon seems to have been a 10-year-old who was just assigned to write biographies of historical figures in science, and got a good grade based on their extreme length. He brought that skill here, writing tedious histories of two of the movers behind soup. And their Mommies.

I arrived here in February 2010, after tracking a vandal who had also hit Pie. I wrote a new intro, deleted from the History section the two-thirds that was neither relevant nor funny, and added rhetorical flourishes, deleted a one-paragraph rambling section on the Future of soup, and cleaned up the rest.

The History section is not the best it could be, but it's no longer dumb. There is room for new subsections of "Other soups," provided they hang together and make a point. But any change to the intro, addition of templates, or addition of quotes, will be viewed with strict scrutiny. Spıke ¬  14:10 15-Feb-10