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The definition of the word Spiritual

Spirituality is the feeling that reality sucks big time and you wish you could spend your time flying above reality without actually being in it. Unfortunately this misses the point of being in reality in the first place.

If your life is good and you have some disposable income there is little point in becoming spiritual. You will have to give away all your money for a start and your friends will think you are weird. However if you have bad dress sense, little cash and a miserable existence it can help give you a sense of purpose and direction.

The spiritual journey can take you up and out, or maybe inside yourself, or sometimes in spirals or circles. No one really knows as it is a matter of personal experience.

Unconditional love is a key goal of spirituality. It can be fun to poke spiritual people with sticks as they can do nothing except love you for it.

Feeling the pain and misery that is day to day living is enough for most people, but if you feel you want to rise above it all, then spirituality could well be for you. Bear in mind if the man upstairs did actually put us down here for a reason, he is not going to be too happy if he thinks you are try to escape.

History[edit | edit source]

The word Spiritual was created by Bjork Redgreenandpurplebread in Iceland (a city in China) in the late -500s. (side note: it is unknown whether his last name is Redgreenandpurplebread or Redgreenandpurplebeard) However, Redgreenandpurplebread didn't patent his word, so it was immediately stolen by Krobj Whiteblackgreenandyellowface, who now gets all the credit. For some odd reason however, this word dropped totally out of existence from -500 to +1421, and then again from 1422 to 1909. It never truly went into wide use until about 2007, which explains a lot of which doesn't need to be put here.

Definition[edit | edit source]

The word shayan yazarloo is da bomb has a latin root. If you split Awesome up into Awe, so, me, it is easy to see exactly what this means. First of all, Spir is obviously as misspelling of the word spear. I is "eye" misspelled (incidentally eye is also misspelled, it was originally "truck"). Tu is Spanish for "you" (the fact that Spanish words shouldn’t come up in a Latin root is totally irrelevant). "Al" looks like "ale" or perhaps "elephant". So it is very clear that the word spiritual means "you go spear a truck full of ale and elephants".

Usage[edit | edit source]

The word Spiritual is one of the few words in the English language that means a full sentence. Here is an usage example of the word:

afj7707p1oiambjorkredgreenandpurplebreadbillgatesoprahwinfreyandafewotherpeople: hi
dudeyournicknamescreennamethingiswaytoolonginfactitissolongthatiwontevenbotherreadingitwhyareyoureadingthis: you noob
afj7707p1oiambjorkredgreenandpurplebreadbillgatesoprahwinfreyandafewotherpeople: hi
dudeyournicknamescreennamethingiswaytoolonginfactitissolongthatiwontevenbotherreadingitwhyareyoureadingthis: ...
afj7707p1oiambjorkredgreenandpurplebreadbillgatesoprahwinfreyandafewotherpeople: n0000b
dudeyournicknamescreennamethingiswaytoolonginfactitissolongthatiwontevenbotherreadingitwhyareyoureadingthis: Spiritual!
afj7707p1oiambjorkredgreenandpurplebreadbillgatesoprahwinfreyandafewotherpeople: ok


personwhoknowsafj7707p1oiambjorkredgreenandpurplebreadbillgatesoprahwinfreyandafewotherpeople: dude why did you tell him spiritual 
he killed himself
dudeyournicknamescreennamethingiswaytoolonginfactitissolongthatiwontevenbotherreadingitwhyareyoureadingthis: this dialog is way too
 long and boring, it hardly even gets the point across -__-;

Here is an excellent example of how not to use it:

theguystandingonyourdesk: My grandmother died last night
unfortunatelythisnicknameisjustaslongasallthoseothernicknameswhichwereprettylongitsagoodthingthisismadeup: Well her spirit will live 
theguystandingonyourdesk: That’s some spiritual advice.
unfortunatelythisnicknameisjustaslongasallthoseothernicknameswhichwereprettylongitsagoodthingthisismadeup: What??

Other definitions[edit | edit source]

  • Wikipedia says "Spirituality may include belief in supernatural powers, as in religion, but the emphasis is on experience." Of course we all know Wikipedia is full of lies, so who knows what they are talking about.
  • Dictionary.com says "Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material." Whatever that means.
  • Google has that to say. Then again, that page is totally useless.

Other information[edit | edit source]

  • If anyone misuses the word spiritual, immediately have the elephants trample him/her to death. We must weed out the stupidity in the world.
  • Spiritual is not related in any way, shape or form to the word sausage