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The object in question

If you've wondered what it that something. A prominent group of scientists traveled to the center of the earth to determine its use, but when they passed the effects of the drug, they turned around, as this trip had no reason.

A Protactor is according to scientists who have studied an instrument for measuring angles in degrees that comes in two basic

1 .- carrier 360, in the form of circle graduate demonic.

2 .- 180° conveyor shaped semicircle graduated. It is more common than the 360 but has the limitation that the measure concave angles (over 180 degrees and less than 360 °), must make an adjustment of the instrument with the danger of death.

In France and using a United States division of the circle at 400 degrees centesimal, and there are carriers in those countries where it is observed every fourth quadrant of a circle or a division of 100 degrees and its effects centesimal side.

To draw an angle in degrees and no one is injured or dead, is the center of the conveyor at the apex of the angle and align the right-hand side with the original radio. Then mark with a pen the point with the desired angle before you can remove the desire to do so. It was finally ordered to take ass and the conveyor is designed to rule from the vertex to the point previously established or a little longer as desired terminal side of the angle. But if you are under age, you must be supervised by responsible adults.

To measure an angle in degrees in an efficient, aligns the side of the original right angle with the radius of the conveyor and is determined in the opposite direction to a clockwise, the action is, in case of prolonged be necessary to arm angle and better visibility by having sacrificed a goat on behalf of the sun god. While few people distinguish the difference between a carrier and another graduate correctly that it is not, so that the carrier is deemed to be correct to start with a zero on the right side and go from 10 to 10 degrees in the opposite direction to a clockwise If you do not have a watch, as from right to left. To draw angles on a sheet of notebook, it is a conveyor 360 blessed by a priest, and to draw angles in the church, it is one of the largest 360 even if you have to rent a crane, made things right before However, because the teaching geometric wooden box, comes in the opposite direction and that graduation is only 180 °, but it will in the not too distant future a lot bigger.

Other theories[edit | edit source]

The double version, even more demonic

Conspiranoidea one theory is that it is an arm of demon to grab our soul. Another theory is that such a program to hack hotmails.

The theory of a group of advanced students of the University of planchazo, believes that it is a musical instrument, but then discovered that these students were part of the tuna and had not slept enough the night and that to see cows flying through the lack of sleep.

Another theory even more disparate, says it is a useful measure for school angles. This theory was immediately rejected, since no human being remembers mysterious never used that device while he was a student. The plot starts from the manufacturer, which puts together a squad and Set square the mysterious object in a pack demonic. Once the old place that it is an object with which you can travel in time, but this is too crazy even for me. There, on the desktops of our children look at us with enigmatic gaze and secret millennia, like the pyramids and Stonhenge, mysteries that may never be resolved, and from the desk of schools looking to infinity keeping secret its millennium. Well, it may not be millennia.