Penis Monkeys from Outer Space

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Penis Monkeys are monkeys that have a penis-like nose. Despite supposedly being from outer space, they are usually found on grassy-like planets, such as Earth. However, the majority do not live on earth, but rather on PedoPlanet.

This is an image of a so-called Penis Monkey, which uses its massive penis to impregnate you.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

It is unknown what causes Penis Monkeys to have that appearance, although it most likely has something to do with reproduction. The leading theory is that it probes its massive penis into the pussy of another monkey, and is able to produce more semen than a normal penis. Most monkeys of this species have triplets or quadruplets, so this makes sense.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Penis Monkeys usually act like normal monkeys, except for a massively increased sex drive, and attraction towards people of the same gender. Penis monkeys were the main push for the legalization of Homosexuality after we discovered PedoPlanet. Countries that have not yet legalized homosexuality have fewer Penis Monkeys in them, and also a lack of funding for space programs. Penis Monkeys probe their way into the mind of humans and make them fund space programs.

Danger to society[edit | edit source]

Most about Penis Monkeys is unknown, but they apparently have the ability to mind control people. Although some people are born resistant to Penis Monkey propaganda, most are not, which means there is a high chance that Penis Monkeys will enslave humanity. Thankfully, groups like SAPMAPHUR (Society against Penis Monkeys and protection of human rights) are encouraging world governments to take steps against Penis Monkeys, such as legalizing Penis Monkey hunts, and killing Penis Monkeys.