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Something's missing ...

It happened sddenly one day. I checked my favorite Oscar Wilde qote archive, and laghed ntil I realized that it had ceased to be "Uncyclopedia", bt rather "Ncyclopedia". Gasp! My favorite article seemed fine, bt there was jst something ... different abot most of the rest of the site. What cold it be?

Then I checked the recent edits and noticed what was wrong as I gazed in shock at my poor, disfigred friends DrSkllthmper, Modsoperandi, and Kakn. With a creeping horror, I realized ...

There was NO U!

Where are U?[edit | edit source]

I searched all over this poor, castrated site for U, bt fond naght. U had disappeared forever. Gone. Into thin air. Jst like that, U vanished and left me in pieces. Then, I fired p Google. I searched for U there and clicked "I'm Feeling Lcky" ... No sccess! Nothing! Us were nowhere to be fond on the entire Internet. U had jst vanished into nothing, leaving no trace of existence behind. U was even gone from my keyboard, leaving only some horseshoe-like thing ...

The day U went away[edit | edit source]

I tried to relax and do what I normally do. I sat back and played a little nreal Tornament, and later some Tremlos, bt there was jst something different, no matter what gn I sed. I beat Zork withot getting eaten by a gre, thogh ...

Then I hit some msic stores to check ot the latest stff from Mse and Qeens of the Stone Age, bt even after that, I still felt ble. Ctting didn't seem to help either.


How much I needed U[edit | edit source]

The Internet won't be the same withot U. U had become an important, vital part of my life ... of all or lives, being the gle that holds everything together – even gle itself. U had left the world completely, taking the USA, the UK (bt not England) and the Uluru with it, and leaving behind AIDS, global warming, cancer, SA, K and lr. Christianity is missing Jess and Islam is missing Mhammad. Jdaism disappeared entirely, bt nobody cares – at least we can still say that. Withot U, the niverse itself is incomplete! Withot U, my life had no prpose, bt I can't even commit sicide or seppk. I jst try to srvive ... Wait, not even that.

Those bastards at Encyclopedia Dramatica ... They got off easy. Or, at least they thoght they did ntil they realized that they no longer existed for the llz.

Haha ...[edit | edit source]

There we go! I was just a little blind for a sec!