Moral Responsibility: A Retrospective

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Moral Responsibility is the necessary pre-condition for Moral Irresponsibility. Often confused with religious teachings, moral responsibility is based on religiously-inspired moral codes, such as the Ten Commandments, or the maxims of Confucius. In practice however, these “moral structures” serve more-or-less the same function as monkey bars in a kindergarden or the menu at a whorehouse. They serve either to support or justify bad or irresponsible behavior, or, as a guide to the “forbidden” pleasures. Without this Moral Structure, the thrill of the clandestine and taboo could not exist. If Marijuana were not illegal, it would not be nearly as expensive, or as profitable. You see, the massive Vice-Industrial Complex upon which the world economy rests, could not exist without Moral Responsibility.


Moral Responsibility is the purview of “adults” who have supposedly gained the necessary experience and moral education to tell the rest of us what to do. It is commonly observed that the higher the position one aspires to attain in society, the higher the “moral standard” that the individual is held to. The degree of moral rectitude is therefore directly proportional to the magnitude of the hypocrisy. For example, in the United States, the President claims to “. . . Champion quality public education for all children. Education is the Civil Rights frontier of the 21st Century, . . .” Then, ( as if he had never expounded such views) he sends his own children to the expensive, elitist “Sidwell Friends” School, and destroys the most successful public school voucher program in the nation. This is a pristine example of Moral Irresponsibility in action.

If not for the existence of genuine moral responsibility, such audaciously successful Hypocrisy would lose its breathtaking obtuseness. The above instance is a prime example of one of the basic principles of moral responsibility, “Do as I say, and not as I do.”

“Do as I say, not as I do,” serves to distinguish the leader from the followers (the Moral Imperative). If the leader simply allowed “monkey see, monkey do”(unfettered Human Nature) he would be relinquishing the power of moral hypocrisy to which he is entitled by virtue of his: a) greater capacity for violence and cruelty; b) larger genitalia; c) greater predilection for bureaucratic treachery, connivance and back-stabbing.

Moral Responsibility in modern society, serves to bolster the claims to power (and the incomes) of the governmental, academic and therapeutic classes. In other words “Hypocrites call the Shots.” For example, if a white student were to make it a habit of making racist diatribes against blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc., that student would likely be a) disciplined by the academic or police establishment, and; b) forced to undergo “therapeutic” re-education and sensitivity “training” or “punishment and rehabilitation.” By making him an example, then a scapegoat, then by “redeeming him” within the system, the system validates and vindicates itself, thereby justifying the outrageous salaries of policemen, tenured deans and professors and providing a sinecure for “therapists” of all kinds. The fact that they themselves are likely closet racists, pedophiles and the like, simply magnifies the frisson of sadistic pleasure the Hypocrite classes enjoy as they crack the moral whip on the rest of us.


The Idea that Moral Responsibility serves to make us “better people” or a Kinder, gentler society” is as demonstrably harmful as it is untrue. Who among us doesn’t know a sanctimonious prig who wheedles and cajoles and bullies everyone around him and pretends to be “Holier than Thou.” This is an example of the “Sanctimonious Douche-bag.” Now, you are thinking, “Well under the rules of Moral Structure, “Do as I say, not as I do” and “Hypocrites call the Shots,” this Douche-bag fellow should be a shining success, but you would be wrong. The missing element is Mendacity. This Douche-bag fellow is too earnest in his desire to have you follow his example out of misguided altruism. He lacks either sufficient ulterior motive , or, audacious moral transgressiveness to make his moral hypocrisy stand out.

Let’s examine the case of one such loser. An undistinguished army veteran and sanctimonious moral prig with very few prospects in life, could very well remain inconspicuously haranguing his neighbors for the remaining 30 to 60 years of his life and never even make the local newspaper. But give him an ulterior motive and audacious moral transgressiveness and we can see how he springs to the very pinnacle of success and power in the world. This particular Sanctimonious Douche-bag was named Adolf Hitler. His ulterior motive was to fool people into giving him complete political power, his audacious moral transgressiveness-directive was to murder every Jew in Europe. The power and scope of his Mendacity is the gold standard for all time and an example of what can be accomplished by a deep understanding of Moral Responsibility.

Knowledge is Power[edit]

Likewise the idea that Moral Responsibility carries “consequences” is foolish and harmful. Let us assume for a moment that Heaven does in fact exist. If it existed in the conventional form “as advertised” then it would be chock full-to-overflowing with Sanctimonious Douche-bags. What kind of a “Paradise” would that be?

Well you say, there is “Crime and Punishment.” Allow me to retort. The greatest financial and political dynasties on Earth are the result of the greatest crimes. The newspapers, society pages and the Forbes 400 are full of ruthless bastards who crushed every pip-squeak who ever got in their way and beat every horse until it died to get to where they are. They are celebrated and feted and given awards. They eat off the fat of the land and shit in the tallest cotton. The people who are in prison for “Committing crimes” in fact committed only one crime, the crime of being poor and stupid. If they were smart, they would learn that greater thefts can be accomplished in the Board Room or the Council Chamber than from robbing a thousand banks or liquor stores. Likewise, if they were rich, they could at the very least hire smarter people than themselves to cover-up and bail them out of their stupidities.

This is the ultimate lesson of Moral Responsibility; Knowledge is Power. That Power belongs to those who impose moral responsibility on the rest. In other words those who successfully practice Moral Irresponsibility are the ones who reap the greatest rewards.

Let’s make a quick survey of the “Seven Deadly Sins” shall we? The slothful and depressive get welfare; the lustful get condoms and abortions and get to live in an eternal vacation-land without having to raise children; The greedy get rich; The angry, envious and vainglorious get to be police, politicians and move-stars.