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Map of Llanllwni

Llanllwni (Y Wang Fawr) is a community located in Carmarthenshire, Wales, and has the enviable reputation of being the largest cock shaped village in the British Isles. It is said to be the only cock shaped village that is visible from space.

The resemblance of Llanllwni to a male member was first identified by Cosmonaut Yerosha in 1987 from the Soviet Bion 8 spacecraft. His exclamation "Боже мой! Это валлийский деревня выглядит как массивная вялый член!" loosely translates as "My God! That Welsh village looks like a massive flaccid cock!", and can be seen recorded in the logs for the mission in display at the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.

Prior to the discovery of the hamlet in 1987 the coveted title of "biggest cock shaped village in the British Isles" was held by Maulden in Bedfordshire.

Exports[edit | edit source]

Despite the village's location over thirty miles inland, Llanllwni is famed for its links to naval history, producing some of the most notable seamen in British History, including the famed old salty sea-dog Horatio Hornblower. The amount of seamen produced in the area has been the subject of a number of reports though debate remains open as to the key reason. Whether it is due to their bawdy seafaring nature, many are ejected from the hamlet at the earliest opportunity, often through the requirement for severe rough-housing.

Evidence for Medieval Settlement[edit | edit source]

At Sans Pant Dans, to the south of Llanllwni village, there are earthworks indicating the site of a possible medieval timber castle of the motte and bailey form. Geoffrey of Monmouth on a visit to the area in 1132 describes in his Historia Regum Britanniae a large erection which loomed over the village.

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