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A lot of things can be done carefully. Like tripping and falling. Let me be your guide on this exciting adventure!

This article will teach you how!

Step 1[edit]

Find something. Anything. Probably a tough Lego, or a block of wood. Make sure it is legal, though! All my friends aren't in jail, so be an example. Did you get that sorted? Great! Skip to Step 2, then. If you can't find anything, resort to your garage. It probably has everything in the world. Dig deep, this will probably work. If this doesn't work, this will be a facepalm moment. Oh wait! You have friends! Show them this article, and make them find something. They may be there for hours. That's all good because you're probably up for a game of Pinball.

You will probably see this a lot. You must learn today.

Final Step[edit]

Do you have your item? Good. If this item is valuable, please skip this step. When you trip on the item, try to slow down the fall. If you can't, use your hands to stop the fall. Once you slow your fall to a halt, get straight back up using your two feet. If you can't, use Life Alert. Now fall! Try to control the fall so there is no impact. And there you go! You learned how to trip and fall carefully! Remember to share this article with your peers. They will thank you for your work on enriching their lives!

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