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You know you just clicked on a link, right? Oh right, that was the other guy. Anyways, I'm lazy, so click here to see how.

C'mon, do it!

Simon says do it!

Ok, you just failed Simon Says, and you owe me $100.

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot you couldn't click on links. I shall now show you how.

In Soviet Russia, link fail to click on YOU!!

Russian Reversal on Whatever this shit is


1. Get a hand

Available at your nearest Walmart for just $Nillion and 19.99!

2. Get a mouse

Not the squeaky type! NOT THE SQUEAKY TYPE! Fuck it, I'll get it for you. TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT NOOB.

3. Dammit, why are the lines so long? : Filler. Can't touch this! qwertyuytyuiopoiuioiuiopoiuytrtyuiutrewertyuiuytrertyuio 4. Hover over the link.

As in, like, *sigh*. Move your mouse and the thing that moves goes over the blue thing.

5. Click

Hit your hand against the mouse. If you see the better article, you've succeeded.
Also, make sure the thing mentioned in step 4 is over the blue thing.

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