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Individuals experiencing humour often respond with strange facial distortions, and in rare cases, death by laughing too hard.

“This article is on Wikipedia and is about a mildly suggestive appeal on Wikipedia level 80 paladin, JimboWales77”

~ Captain Oblivious on Humour

“You know what's funny? Making the world 71% water and then putting SALT in almost all of it so that kids in Africa can't drink it and they die! Hahaha! Now THAT is humourous!”

~ God on Humour

“In my day, we used to spread humour on our toast and eat it for breakfast. No wait, that's not right.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Humour

“Vi fra Ikkepedia føler veldig lei oss om hva som har hendt på Utøya og i Oslo fredag. Våre kondolanser går til alle som har mistet noen og ønsker mye trygghet for dem som overlevde tragedien. Dette er noe som aldri skal få friste til gjentakelse.”

~ It seems noone in Norway has any humour. In the meanwhile sing a song from Asia, Heat of the Moment

Humour is describing things in a funny way, having the ability to make the jokes and the frolics and the shenanigans. Humour is the English cousin of the good 'ol 'Merican way of saying humor(the incorrect way) and is no where near as funny, because only people with crooked teeth find British Chaps and Lads sitting under an umbrella, sipping tea, and telling over the top, dry jokes like:

British Poppycock One: "I say, what did the baffoon say to the ruffian?" British Poppycock Two: "What, by heavens, did he say, good chap?" British Poppycock One: "He says 'Out of my way, I have a trolly to pilot!'" Both British Poppycocks: *profounded snickering*

These are the types of things people from the Uknighted Kingdom find funny, while most people from good 'Ol 'Merica don't find European humour funny, but just find ugly European people funny. The reason why Europeans are not funny is because they live by a code of chivalry and cannot make a joke that would make anyone other that other European people laugh.

Successful Humour[edit | edit source]

Humour is successful depending on how funny it is. People will find things funny if they are unexpected, relative, random, witty, imaginative, crude, slapstick, poppycock, bedruzzled, filled with Oscar Wilde jokes, and relate to stale, unfunny internet memes. These are all things that European humour does not have ergo it is not funny. The amount of people who understand the humour, the funnier it will be. For instance only retards who spend all their time locked in their rooms, hunched over their computer, trolling 4chan and watching gay hentai find interweb memes funny. This means that only a fraction of the people who read a certain article will find it funny if it is filled with jokes about LAZORS and Mudkipz and Anton LeVay. To this date, there has never been a reported case of British humour not being funny.


This is not to be confused with the fact many people, particularly the French, Germans and Americans cannot understand British humour, as such is humour sublime beyond their inferior brains' comprehension.