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Hentai Girl is a character from various Hentai comics and some videos who is noted for appearances requiring biologially accurate internal views of the female body.


The sister of Hentai Guy from Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic, like her brother she worked in modelling. Although she attempted to get work in Hentai games with her brother she found that the major outlet for her talents was in hentai comics, most notably in bestiality porn. Unfortunately she was unable to get work in with him in Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic due to the transparent clothes that she regularly wore below the waist. This in itself might not have caused problems but for the see-through body beneath. She does however sometimes successful in getting work in mainstream comics as well just so long as she remains fully dressed below the waist for the whole of her appearance.

Work Colleagues[edit]

She occasionally works with Hentai Dog and Hentai Horse though her fees are said to rocket considerably in the latter case. She has also sometimes worked with Hentai Lion but his reported addiction to Viagra has still failed to offset his age and mange. Attempts to get her to work with Hentai Pig have been unsuccessful and are noted to bring her down in fits of giggles. It was reported that Hentai Pig had a penis enlargement which resulted in his member being increased considerably to 1"(25mm) long and ½"(12mm) circumference. She is also noted for her appearances in Monster oriented Hentai. Her regular appearances with tentacle monsters were thought to give her the ideal experience to work in Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic but things were not meant to be and unfortunately she never appeared.

A group of hentai girls


There were a number of unsightly rumours concerning a possible incestuous relationship with her brother though friends and colleagues state that they do not see anything in it themselves. Attempts to sell photographs of them engaged in the act to various Sunday newspapers have all failed. Figures in excess of $1,000,000 have been quoted for pictures showing proof of their immoral activities.

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