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Spamburn.gif Forest Fire Week 2019 Spamburn.gif

A photo from Forest Fire Week 2011.

Hello and welcome to the official headquarters of the 2019 Forest Fire Week. FFW is a semi-annual event in which the Uncyclopedia community comes together and deletes as many shitty pages as possible. There are a few rules which are explained below.

How FFW Works

Deleting pages

  1. Press Special:Random until you find a page that disgusts you.
  2. Check the page history to make sure it wasn't vandalized.
  3. Read the page. Ugly does not mean unfunny. Fixing formatting takes 2 minutes.
  4. Tag it with {{FFW|~~~~~}}.
  5. (optional) Add it to your watchlist to make sure nobody removes the template.

Saving pages

  1. Peruse Category:Articles tagged for burnination for articles worth saving.
  2. Either:
    1. Fix up the article before the 7-day time limit, or
    2. Move the page to your userspace. If you pick the latter, please list the redirect (if any) on QVFD.
  3. If you think the article was tagged in error and should stay in mainspace, contact the tagger to see if you can't work it out. If not, VFD is always open.
  4. If you've fixed up an article and would like the tag removed, ask the tagger to do so. If you can't work that out there is no hope for you move it to your userspace and ask for some piss.


  • Tag removals: Everyone should keep a close eye on Recent Changes to ensure that no tags are deleted illegally (whether by accident, vandalism, or on purpose).
  • Admins: You'll find a new maintenance page just for FFW. But if you've participated in FFW yourself, please refrain from using it! Every day after the end of FFW you will receive an automatically generated list of articles with expired {{FFW}} tags that you have not placed on the article yourself. That way we can cut down on the margin of error when huffing. So yes, that does mean to actually look at the articles before huffing them!

When is FFW?

This year Forest Fire Week is: February 21st - February 28th
All times and days are calculated using Uncyclopedia Time Conventions. Here is a UTC clock.

Where does FFW happen?


Why does FFW happen?

Fire is sexy.

Got a question?

Use the forum.

Looking for crappy articles? Try here. Also please consider Special:LonelyPages, Special:DeadendPages, Special:UncategorizedPages, Special:UnusedImages and other Special pages.