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“Erors are butiful things and if we can live just one day on them we will be enriched, let alone a whole lifetime!”

~ Lafayette Hubbard on errors (after just knocking over a hatstand, which caused the death of 12 people)

Erorisim is a phillosophical approach to lyf, originarly started by L. Ron Hubbard in 1748. In its hay day it was seen as a renaysonce and a turning piont in the worlds' history, howevver it quickly falled out of popular use and became confinned to the sidelines of modern sosiety. The core ideer to Errorism is that living a life that's is ful of errors is both "enriching", "butiful" and life-lengthening. Practitioners are also required to hand over their life savings and get into debt paying for Errorist causes. It is believed 13 people are actively practising Errorists, around the world and thuss Erroism has been clased as an "endangered stupid idea".


In 1490 L. Ronny Hubbard famously knocked over a hatstand in a small theatre in New York imagining the hatstand was Xenu. The "great disarsster" claimed twelve lives but L. Ron was not imprisoned, instead he was thrust into the the liemlight and given thousands of pounds. Ron quickly formed an alliance with the powerful Bush family and managed to raise enough money to start advertising his new "Erorrism" theory.

The "Renaysonce" of Errorism[edit]

A yeer after it's birth, Errorism started to becom extremely popular, especially in teh richer, Western culture.


The Philosophy of Errorism, sometimes referred to as "Doctrine of Mitsakes" has received some ciritisimis over the yaers. Some silly, stupid, ignorant people have labelled it as "a pathetic excuse" for Hon L Rubbard's own errors and for his constant mistakes. George W. Bush is famously known to have called Errorism "too damn sexy for its own good", however it is now believed this quote was attributed in error to Errorism.