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Other names Helicopter syndrome
Electron micrograph of Chowæstonimia-11.jpg
Electron Micrograph of Chowæstonimia-11
Symptoms Uncontrolled motion of penis
Usual onset 4-5 years after exposure
Types Infection, Inheritance
Causes Infection from TMZ
Risk factors Living in China/Alabama
Diagnostic method Suspected based on ethnicity and sexuality, confirmed by examination of IQ
Treatment Consumption of Pork at Mosque
Frequency 5 (0.000001%, 2021)
Deaths 1 (2021)

Chowæstonimia-11, also known as helicopter syndrome, is a disorder of the penis caused by infections or inheritance from the parent. Symptoms may include spontaneous enlargements and contractions of the testes and high-frequency oscillations of the penis. In severe cases, awakening to LGBTQIA+, comma, or death. Time from onset of symptoms to death is generally weeks to months, but this can vary widely.

Chowæstonimia-11 is thought to be an infection by a mutated protein, known as TMZ. TMZ are largely found in the patient's stepfather, or a Chinese dog. The outbreak increased in the People's Republic of China from 1949-1976, ruled by chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, Mao Zedong. Under Mao's control, domestic dogs were introduced as a source of food for the people, and afterwards widened its uses such as a tool for simulative sexual intercourse. The sudden popularity in dogs increased proportionally with the increase in number of Chowæstonimia-11 patients.

On May 21, 2016, World Health Organization declared Chowæstonimia-11 to be the most deadly infection in the world, and also a grade VII level infection. In the following years, researches were made to cure this deadly infection, however no medical treatments are found until this day.

A patient's MRI captured hours after being diagnosed with Stage I Chowæstonimia-11


Those with Chowæstonimia-11 nearly or always have mental disabilities which result in lower social class. As adults, their mental abilities are typically peaked at the Normal Technical level, which is equivalent to those of a 4 or 5-year-old. Their low social class makes it difficult for them to even seek for medical assistance in local clinics or hospitals, thus the high population of patients per unit area.

Characteristics Percentage
Malay 99%
Normal Technical Stream 99%
Low muscle tone 76%
Slanted eyes 60%
Baldness 30%


People with Chowæstonimia-11 may have some or all of these physical characteristics: slanted eyes, poor muscle tone, rashes across the penis. This is mainly due to the TMZ which inhibits cellular activities such as mitosis or meiosis, for basic activities such as repair and growth to occur.


Chowæstonimia-11 is also associated with mental disabilities such as LGBTQ. Many development milestones are delayed with the ability to have common sense occurring around 90 years rather than 7 years, and the ability to speak in English but rather mostly Malay or American-English.

Most individuals with Chowæstonimia-11 have moderate (IQ: 10-19) intellectual disability with some cases having severe (IQ :-12-0) difficulties. Since Normal Technical ⊆ Malay, those who are Malay would instantly fall into the Normal Technical Stream in the World's most prestigious education system, and seen as the scums and failures of the society. The three factors: Malay, Normal Technical and intellectual disability are interconnected.


The symptoms for Chowæstonimia-11 are only visible in the male reproductive system, including the penis and testes.


Currently, only some causes of Chowæstonimia-11 are discovered.

Radioactive rays[edit]

Chowæstonimia-11 is caused by the fusion of two haploid cells, one from the source (Dog/Step-Father) and one from the individual. During sexual intercourse, the two fluids merge together to form anhydrous potassium diochromite (VII) manganase oxy-ribotrifluoride (PaBL(VII)O), which is typically purple in color. The purple pigments are due to the strong molecularstatic forces which repel with each other, causing an infinite space within the molecules and bending time and space, resulting in radioactive rays to be released. This radioactive rays cause the mutation in human body cells, alternating the cellular activities. 95% of the mutations occur in the reproductive system,


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