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'Chad Smith' eats drums for breakfast, man. Of course, along with the usual two servings of fruit and three of grain.

Oscar Wilde

Will Ferrell in his disguise as Chad Smith.

This article is about the alter ego of Will Ferrell. For the original Chad Smith, see Chad Smith/Classic.

Chad Smith is the alter-ego of Will Ferrell. When times are tough for Will, he just puts on a hat, grabs a pair of drumsticks, and he magically turns into Chad Smith.

Early life[edit]

See Will Ferrell.

His Career[edit]

Will Ferrell, at the time a struggling stand-up comedian, moved to California to pursue his dream of television, and had booked an audition for Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately, he got the wrong address and turned up to an audition for the funk rock band The Red Hot Chili Peppers instead. Ferrell decided to make the most out of the audition, and completely improvised his drum playing, which mainly consisted of him rubbing his testicles all over the drums. The rest of the Peppers were impressed by his performance, and let him into the band. He has been part of the band since, and has played drums and cowbell for all of the band's albums since then.

Alter Ego Tastes[edit]

As far as individual tastes go, 'Chad Smiths are the following:

  • In Music: Hellogoodbye; Peter, Paul, and Mary; The White Stripes; and all Disney music.
  • In Transportation: 'Chad' rarely drives cars; usually getting around by paying homeless people to carry him around on their backs.
  • In Countries: 'Chads favorite country is Canada. No one really knows why, but it could be because of their national healthcare and cheaper Rx drugs.
  • In Religion: 'Chad' is a devout Scientologist. Ok, he's really an Episcopalian, but you believed me there for a second.
  • In Clothing: 'Chad' hardly wears anything other than paper bags over his tighty-whities, but always wears high heeled shoes. It helps him fit in with the common people more.
  • In Planets: 'Chads favorite planet is Pluto. Um...yeah...this is awkward...(No one's really broken the news to him yet. Please, I beg, you, don't. The fate of the planet Earth rests on your ability to keep this secret from him. Don't ask me how; just do it.)
  • Egyptian Tassel Monkeys - No one exactly knows what category this falls into, but it is well known that whatever they are are one of 'Chads Individual Tastes.


Ferrell as Chad Smith is never seen without a covering of some sort on his head, if he were to take it off, his disguise would be revealed.

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