Bushian Logic

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Oh yeah... that makes a lotta sense.

Bushian Logic is the kind of logic only a Bush can create (That is to say small plants are also included in the list)

It was first conceived during the George W. Bush Administration and it was expanded during the George Bush Jr Administration.

The logic follows:

  • Where WOMD Stands for "Weapons Of Mass Destruction"
  • Where OBL Stands for "Osama Bin Laden"
  • Where TNT Stands for "Those nasty terrorists"
  • Where LOGIC is the incognite value

Lets apply this formula to real life:

Suppose you're in the United States of America. You're a humble citizen and you want to know how many bombs loan modification does it take to erradicate terrorism from the world and thus, save the Americ... er, save the planet.

Lets start with a random number: 15 bombs


Now you will ask yourself, what is the value of the other element? Good question!

Bush=God (That is equal to 1000 million or any number above that)

WOMD= 1.000

OBL= 0

TNT= 0

Now that gives us the following:

That equals Which is the same as 15000000000=1000

Now you may ask yourself: "If 15 is the number of bombs, why isn't that the WOMD instead of LOGIC? Well, you might wanna ask Bush about that, since it is HIS Logic. Not ours. We just do our job

So what is exactly 15000000000=1000? What does that mean?

The meaning of 15000000000=1000[edit]

Sounds good to me.

When you have a value like 15000000000=1000 it can get pretty tricky, since 15000000000 is very very different from 1000. Therefore, the first thing you wanna do is become a General in the United States Army. It is believed once you become a General, you embrace Bushian Logic a lot better... and faster.... and easier.

Becoming a General[edit]

To rise to the rank of General in the United States Army, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Play Counter Strike
  • Play Rainbow Six
  • Play Command and Conquer
  • Play other war video games
  • Watch Independence Day (The one with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum)
  • Play other strategy games
  • Eat less greens, more red meat
  • Join the Army (Usually you will find the link to the Army's website on many of these video games)
  • Agree with President Bush a whole lot