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Redirects are good ways to disambiguate the existence of pages, and prevent multiple entries for the same entity from being created. However, please redirect with great discretion. Certain iterations are adequate for this purpose. Consider the following:

Original Article: Flying Spaghetti Monster
Suitable Redirects: These Redirects are useful for quick access to long titles, and to prevent ambiguities and the creation of pages with minor difference between titles (i.e. Caps, etc.) This serves to keep people from making errors and causing conflicts between pages.
Examples: "FSM," "flying spaghetti monster"
Unnecessary Redirects: These redirects, while potentially useful, are better formatted in another way, as the addition of another page clutters up the Uncyc. If an article is already properly capitalized (First word caps, others lowercase, e.g. "Left-handed monkey") there is no need to generate a fully captialized version, nor is there a need to generate every iteration of a capitalization.
Examples: "His Noodlyness," "The Flying Spaghetti Monster," "Flying Spaghetti monster," "Flying spaghetti Monster, Any Frivolous Pluralization (i.e., "Clintons"), or prefix/suffix addition (i.e., "Cloned").
Stupid Redirects: These redirects are typically sad attempts at humor, and often do nothing but clutter the Uncyc and add little or no significant humor value.
Examples: "Floating Fusilli Beast," "Alexander Hamilton," Jimmy (i.e. The kid next door)

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