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There are two primary ways to change link text such that it will lead to the article you want it to get to without having to generate a redirect page.

  • Simple Changes: These are done when you want to add letters to the beginning or end of a link, including pluralizations and tense changes.
  • Example: A link to the South Korea article for the words "South Koreans" can be obtained as follows:
[[South Korea]]ns
  • Example: A link to the Kitten article for the word "Kittens" can be obtained as follows:
  • Complex changes Manual changes of link text to articles must be done as follows:
[[Article name|Link text here]]
  • Example: So making a link to The Fonz appear as "Fonzes" is achieved by typing:
[[The Fonz|Fonzes]]

Simply put, be practical when redirecting pages. If you can make a link manually, it's often better than making an unnecessary redirect page.

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