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Anders Behring Breivik (born 13 February 1979) -- is a former Norwegian professional target shooter who became well-known after his infamous training session at Utoya where he killed 69 people.

Sport career[edit]

Breivik during 10 meter air rifle competition in Oslo, where he finished 17th.

Breivik specialized in skeet and trap shooting. He aspired to become part of Norwegian Olympic team for three consecutive Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens and Beijing, however he always failed to qualify.

Between Australian and Greek Games Breivik had a short spell in air shooting, however he quickly resigned because he preferred moving targets to those remaining still.

His career abruptly came to an end in 2011 during the infamous Utoya training session.

Utoya training session[edit]

Anders suffered from severe financial problems caused by his lack of successes in competitions. Therefore he could not afford training at a real rifle-range. Instead, he trained at various islands around Norway using his own throwing machine for trap shooting. Unfortunately, he chose Utoya to be one of his training sites, where coincidentally a camp for leftist kids was also being organized.

Breivik set his machine at one nice clearing and started his training. Unluckily, he didn't have a good day and missed a lot of shots. And all those missed shots hit the poor kids who arrived at Utoya to be brainwashed by communist ideology.

Firstly, he was unaware of the fact that he manslaughtered so many innocent kids and was shocked when the police came to arrest him. He didn't try to escape as he was sure it was only a matter of time till he got released. And yeah, they also threatened to shoot him.

The trial[edit]

Things didn't work out for Breivik too well. First of all he was found guilty and was sentenced for 21 years in prison. He didn't get the capital punishment nor life sentence because no one in Norway has ever heard about such punishments. He received the maximum sentence of 21 years for mass murder and terrorism. In addition to this, Breivik was sentenced for an act of bombing in Oslo that took place some time before his training session at Utoya. This way Norwegians found a scapegoat and could calm the society.

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