1963 Sheepo Cover Up Act

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For references to the act and evidence of its results see Cardiff, Wales and Welsh.


This article contains truths of a sexual nature and should only be read by people over the age of 18.

Introduction of the Act[edit]

The 1963 Sheepo Cover Up Act is a little known act of law passed in the houses of Parliament after a national crisis in 1962. It is little known due to the English's shear brilliance and supreme cover up skills, however, for your own education it shall be made known here and is basically as follows:

In the Late 50's it was made known to high up government officials that the number of fertile sheep across the UK was rapidly decreasing due to badly mutated sexual organs. As a result of this the general population of sheep was dwindling. It was initially thought that this was due to a leekage of radioactive chemicals that may have affected generations of sheep or possibly just a bad disease (an idea that would also be used by the Government at a later date). However, when the phenomenon soon escalated into a full scale crisis in 1962, to the extent where by Britain's population of sheep would become extinct in a little under two years, a government investigation had to be launched. During this time it was found that the poor condition of the sheep was down to a single culprit, the Englishman. The sexual organs of the sheep were not mutated but instead mutilated. The government realised that if word of this got out they would be ridiculed by the majotity of the world and so in 1963 an act of law was passed known as the 1963 Sheepo Cover Up Act.


The Act was basically a way of blaming the increasingly short supply of unraped sheep, occurring due to the disgustingly perverse mind of any English man, on England's nearest innocent bystander, the Welsh. The Act states that all English MP's should do their utmost to introduce this theory and deceive as many people as possible. To their credit they have been highly successful and have influenced many people across the world. The English go to great lengths to make the theory believable and each year move thousands of damaged sheep from England, (as well as any that may have drifted into Scotland) into Wales. The act also made new powers and economic resources available that are used to smuggle countless replacement sheep into the country each year. Occasionally events still get out of hand however, the most notable example being the recent outbreak of "foot and mouth disease". Here, upon discovery of vast stores of infertile sheep, several investigators, who had come from all over the world, disappeared (probably murdered by the government) and vast numbers of innocent sheep, cattle and other animals were slaughtered in an attempt to remove all evidence of bestiality.

Globally Held Views[edit]

It is also feared that the government has collaborated with several other countries, such as Australia (against New Zealand), in helping them to produce cover up acts of their own. Every Welsh man should know about the act, especially as it is one of the main reasons justifying the globally held view that the English are really just a bunch of idiots. Coincidently if you ever find a Welsh man who can truthfully admit to you that he actually likes the English, run away from him as he is most likely a treacherous, egotistical homosexual and under no circumstances should he be trusted.


Any referencing you may read or hear of Welsh people to sexual acts with sheep has therefore probably been produced by English government officials or by their easily influenced and bigoted followers in accordance with the Act.