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Witty humour, or just humour (notice the proper British spelling) is, compared with real humor such as fart humor and stories about getting laid, a really boring and unfunny type of humor, popular among the Brits. The level of humor reflects the poor conditions of Britain; a lack of central heating and electricity is not a thing to laugh at. Neither is warm beer. English royalty, however, is a thing to laugh at.

An example of witty humour[edit]

- Would you like to have a cup of tea, William?
- Well thank you very much! I'd really fancy it. But only half a cup and don't pour any sugar in it; doctor's order, you know!
- (forced laughter, followed by a long sigh)

  • Note to non-British readers: the punchline is supposed to be the phrase "doctor's order, you know"
  • Note:This is what foolish americans think
  • Note to Foolish Americans: A Punchline is the climactic phrase or statement of a joke, producing a sudden humorous effect.
  • Note to Foolish Americans who did not understand the original note to foolish Americans and would like another note to foolish Americans that they may understand: A punchline is the part that makes you happy
  • Note: Stop spoiling the joke, you fools!
  • Note to Fools: Read the notes!
  • Note to Notes: Tell the fools!
  • If you haven't shot yourself in the face yet, please do so now.
  • Foolish Australian: I don't get it.
  • Note: In Trotskyist circles among the British digerati, it gets you.
  • Note: E#.
  • Note: Ignore all notes, up to and including this one.
  • Note: Ignore the previous note.
  • Note: Ignore the next note.
  • Note: Do not ignore this note.
  • Note: In Soviet Russia, note ignores YOU!
  • Note: The Russian Reversal is not witty.
  • Note: Neither is this note.
  • Note: The notes, tired of Foolish Americans, Fools, Foolish Australians, Trotsky, and Russia, quit. You're on your own.
  • Note: Ignore the previous note.

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