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EvilPuggy, if that is his real name, studies at uni due to his love of receiving pieces of paper with his name on them (such as diplomas, graded tests with A+ on them, and parking tickets). He may major in Muggle Studies, Wombology or alchemy. A Texan, he wears a cowboy hat, rides a horse through deserts (average temperature of 500°), and says ‘Yeehaw, yeehaw, yeehaw’ all the time. Ariel spends his days losing video games to ten year olds, carnivorously eating vegan food, checking to see if there are notifications on his phone (there aren’t), writing on the Uncyclopedia nobody reads, and not talking.

Articles I've Rewritten[edit]

I am the primary editor of the following one article(s):

Articles I've Created[edit]

Also I’m the primary editor of these articles.

Images by Me[edit]

Kind of.

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