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Lebanese lesbian thespian
Dried up like a raisin since raisins are already dry
Fake tans and fan deaths,
Lives in a hole by a stripmall
Waiting for an accident
Living on government sadness
Can't buy a car walking thespian pedestrian
Occupation biblical and typical for
Thespians on the dole
Don't judge
Life's a prequel for an unreal sequel
Ezekiel 23 going on 20
Can't judge because you had that endocrinoplasty last spring, you're conceited.
Fudges numbers on her forms
Foreign devils wear spikes on their head
"I'm disappointed 'cus your bad life choices, see"
"Lebanese Lesbian thespians are dead to me and can't you understand"
"Your shame balled up in one hand crumbles a foundation"
Spits the end of a line holding skulls yuck it went on my feet.
Dull rhymes you sprinkle it with thyme and wait some hours,
Flour kitchen cries the end of flower power,
Deviled dust towers falling from the sky can't feel,
What you know and what you know what's real.
I haven't walked among the happy living,
And all you see is a fabled triple label,
You can joke about it,
And maybe we can talk about it.